Section 1 General Provisions

Projeteam, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ”PROJETEAM”) hereby states our Privacy Policy as the basic principal which PROJETEAM shall comply with to control and manage personal information pertinent to any client which is in our possession in light of the social responsibilities and public duties of a legal entity..

Section 2 Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information handled in PROJETEAM shall mean any information which relates to identification of each individual as set forth below:
Any information which enable PROJETEAM to identify a specific individual such as address, name, phone number, e-mail address, credit card information, login ID, password, nickname, IP address (including any information which may be used to collate with other information to identify a specific individual;
Any information relating to the contents and history of use of the services by any client such as the contents of services, the date and time of use, the number of times of use through use of PROJETEAM’s Internet site by the name of IPPOGRIFF and other services provided and managed by PROJETEAM (herein after referred collectively as “PEOJETEAM Services”

Section 3 Acquisition and Collection of Personal Information

PROJETEAM may obtain personal information by the means set forth below -
A means to obtain or collect through PROJETEAM’s Internet site and other services:
PROJETEAM may obtain or collect any personal information which an individual entered by himself or herself on PROJETEAM’s Internet site;
A means to obtain or collect personal information by other means such as e-mails, postal services, documents, telephone services;
PROJETEAM may obtain or collect any personal information provided by such other means such as e-mails, postal services, documents, telephone services;
Any mean to collect personal information upon accesses to PROJETEAM’s website;
PROJETEAM may collect information such as the history of use of PROJETEAM Services. Such information may include URL used by an individual, types of browsers or cellphone, or IP address.

Section 4 Purpose of Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

PROJETEAM shall obtain and use any personal information in a legitimate and fair manner for the purposes set forth below. PROJETEAM will not use any personal information in PROJETEAM’s possession beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purposes set forth below unless otherwise a client himself or herself agrees to do so -
to provide PROTEAM Service
to maintain the environment so that a client may use PROJETEAM Services safely and securely;
to operate and manage PROJETEAM Services;
to provide the information relating to PROJETEAM Services and to respond to inquiries;
to conduct survey, collect data, improve or research and development work for PROJETEAM and PROJETEAM Services;
to transmit or deliver guides concerning the goods or services which PROJETEAM recommends;
to contact a client so as to have necessary communication;
to deliver PROJETEAM’s IR information;
to respond to any action violating PROJETEAM’s Statement and policy relating to PROJETEAM Service (hereinafter referred to as “Statement and others”)
to provide a notice concerning the changes made to Statement and others of PROJETEAM Services;
for the purposes otherwise agreed with clients;
for the purposes accompanying with the matters set forth Paragraph 1 through 11.

Section 5 Control of Personal Information

PROJETEAM shall take necessary actions (1) to protect loss, damage, an unlawful use of personal information, and (2) to control such personal information in a secure manner; (3) designate the person responsible for handling such personal information, and control such personal information in a secure manner, In addition, PROJETEAM shall make reasonable effort so as to control and maintain such personal information up-to-date in a correct manner.

Section 6 Provision or Disclosure of Personal Information to the third parties

PROJETEAM may provide the personal information of a client to the third parties to the extent the laws allow in the case that the clauses set forth listed below apply:
In the case that a client agrees to do so;
In the case that PROJETEAM receives a request for disclosure from public institution or a person delegated by such public institution;
In the case that any crisis has occurred onto life or property of a client and, as a consequence, it becomes necessary to disclose but is difficult obtain a permission from such client;
In the case that PROJETEAM delegates or transfers part or all of the work necessary for PROJETEAM’s operation to the third parties;
In the case that it is allowed to do so in accordance with the law concerning the protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Persona Information Protection Law” or other acts.

Section 7 Disclosure, Correction or Suspension of Use of Personal Information

PROJETEAM will respond in a proper manner in the case that any client requests to disclose; correct, add, delete or suspend to use his or her personal information provided however that PROJETEAM shall be allowed to have its option not to do so in accordance with Personal Protection Law or other acts.

Section 8 (Cookie)

PROJETEAM may send Cookie to a client through PROJETEAM Services. Cookie is a mechanism which stores client’s usage history or registered information in a personal computer of such client. PROJETEAM may use Cookie for the purposes for improvement of user-friendliness of PROJETEAM Services or acquisition and analysis of statistical data.
In the meantime, in the case that PROJETEAM uses any advertisement service provided by the third parties to deliver PROJETEAM’s advertisement in the most appropriate manner, any information to identify or distinguish a specific individual is not contained in Cookie used in such advertisement services; and use of personal information shall be strictly limited for the purposes of effective advertisement deliveries and analysis on accesses for advertisement deliveries, and using such personal information for any other purposes shall be strictly prohibited.

Section 9 Complaint Handling

PROJETEAM will respond to any complain in pertinent to personal information in a faithful manner. For your opinions, questions, complaints or any other matters concerning handling of personal information, you may contact a window office as set forth below -
PROJETEAM, Inc. Corporate Div. Projeteam Hive 3-3-4, Hakusan, Bunkkyo-ku, Tokyo 〒(Zip Code) 112-0001

Section 10 Continuous Improvements

PROJETEAM will continue to improve its handling and control of personal information protection and its control system thereof.

Section 11 Revision

PROJETEAM may revise part or a whole of Our privacy policy at its discretion without obtaining an agreement by any client, and it shall be deemed that any client has agreed to such revision once such client used PROTEAM Services after such revision had been incorporated provided however that PROJETEAM shall inform to clients in advance in the case that major changes are planned to be made to our privacy policy..

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Established and enforced in June 2017